High Risk Pregnancy

High Risk Pregnancy

What is high risk pregnancy?

High risk pregnancy is when an expectant mother develops issues over the course of a pregnancy that can put both mother and child at risk. High risk pregnancies are usually divided into three main categories: pre-existing condition, problems during pregnancy, and pregnancy related problems. The last two sound very similar, but the distinction will be further explained below. In order to better serve patients within his specialty, Dr. Douglas Waterman only treats expectant mothers experiencing a high-risk pregnancy.

What is a pre-existing condition when it comes to pregnancy?

Pre-existing conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes will most likely need extra care and monitoring during a pregnancy. Other pre-existing conditions, less common but equally as important are, infectious and autoimmune diseases. Dr. Waterman will evaluate the patient’s condition and closely oversee the mother’s treatment plan and pregnancy progression, noting any worthwhile changes and altering her treatment plan if necessary.

What are problems during pregnancy?

Gestational diabetes and high-blood pressure can commonly arise during pregnancy. If one of these pregnancy-specific issues occurs, Dr. Waterman will closely evaluate the condition and provide a treatment plan to monitor and stabilize the patient’s condition.*

What are pregnancy related problems?

Pregnancy related problems are focused on the development of the baby rather than the mother. If the expectant mother is experiencing any fetal problems, including structural anomalies and growth abnormalities, Dr. Waterman will create a prenatal plan to carefully monitor the development of the baby through all stages of the pregnancy.

Referral from Family Physician

If you are an expectant mother, concerned about or currently experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, contact your family physician to obtain a referral into Dr. Waterman’s practice. If you are experiencing a high-risk pregnancy, Dr. Waterman may develop a customized, pregnancy plan that suits mother and baby alike.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee