TempSure Vitalia

TempSure Vitalia

What is TempSure Vitalia?

TempSure Vitalia is a non-invasive laser treatment that uses gentle radiofrequency (RF) energy to tighten and restore vulvovaginal tissue.* Birth control, hormones and pregnancy can all change the condition of vaginal tissue over time. Vaginal tissue can lose laxity, function and nerve sensitivity, making you feel extremely uncomfortable, especially during intercourse. In order to revitalize your intimate wellness and restore your confidence, Vitalia provides amazing results without surgery or downtime.* Additionally, If you suffer from urinary incontinence, this treatment can be used to restore normal bladder function.*

How does the laser work?

Treatments deliver therapeutic heat to both the internal and external vaginal tissue to improve local circulation.* Heat is delivered using a handpiece that is specifically designed for the more intimate areas. During the procedure, a small treatment tip is slowly inserted into the vaginal opening.

Next, RF energy heats the internal vaginal tissues to promote collagen and elastin growth, which will result in tightness and increased nerve sensitivity.* The instrument delivers the exact energy for an exact tissue temperature for an exact time period. Externally, a second treatment tip is massaged around the vulva area to gently heat that tissue. You will not feel any pain during treatments. Most patients describe a slightly warm sensation.

What are the procedure recommendations?

Treatments are extremely safe for all women and there will be no pre-procedure prep on your part. Your visit may be similar to therapeutic day at a spa. The procedure itself can last anywhere between 15-45 minutes, depending on the amount of rejuvenation that is needed. Following your treatment, you can resume your normal activities immediately; there is no downtime with TempSure Vitalia.

What are the results?

A series of treatments is usually recommended for optimal results. Every patient is different, so the number of treatments will vary. If you live in or around New Westminster, Dr. Waterman can develop treatment plan just for you. Dr. Waterman, or a laser technician on staff, will perform this procedure in our office, so you won’t need to go to the hospital.

Next Step

If you are interested in laser vaginal restoration, speak with your family medicine provider. He or she will be able to provide a referral into Dr. Waterman’s practice to explore if this procedure will be beneficial to your unique needs. If you do not have a medicine provider, simply call our office at (604) 528-9042 for assistance in obtaining a referral.

*Individual results may vary; not a guarantee